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About Barry Dunne

Hey, my name is Barry. I am from Dundalk, Co.Louth. I am currently studying Communications in Creative Media in DkIT. It's great. I have made a lot of friends here. I am just now entering my second year in the course. Before I came to to DkIT, I studied 2 years in Creative Media in O'Fiaich Institute. I was awarded "Student Of The Year" in my first year, and in my second year, I was nominated again. It was great over there. I learned a lot. I learned how to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Sony Vegas Pro and a lot more programs. I enjoyed my time there. Thanks for visiting my blog!

My New Film Company

Please check out my new film company “Furry Wall Films”. Click on the image to visit the website. Will be making a film within the next few months! 🙂 Spread the word! Thanks! 😀


I would just like to say…

…a big thank you to everyone in my group. We may have had some ups and downs but I personally have enjoyed working with you all. It’s great working with people who are so nice, makes things a lot easier for everyone!

Thank you for the work that you have all put into the project. Let’s show the world our creation at the exhibition on June 5th!

Being Project Manager

My role in my group was being Project Manager. We all had our own individual tasks in our Project.

  • I set up the Blog. We had to create a blog for our group to represent ourselves online. I also posted up each blog post.
  • I created our Facebook ‘Like’ page. I also set up a secret group page on Facebook so we could use it to contact each other online.
  • I put together the presentations that we had to present throughout the year. We each contributed towards the presentation but I put the pieces together.
  • I put together the script that we had to create.
  • I created a Gantt chart and I kept a time schedule on tasks in the group.
  • I helped out with some graphic design work. I created our exhibition banner, the Kitchen Geeks logo, the Kitchen Geeks website, and designed the blog page. I have also designed the Kitchen Geeks t-shirts that we will be wearing at the exhibition.
  • I set up, designed and done our Kitchen Geeks website to get us online and live. This helped to get us our own awareness to the online world. Our new web link is:
  • I created a level one template to get the game started off. I created this in Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to give the rest of the group a view of what I wanted the first level to look like and given them a feel of it. I hope this helped them with some inspiration.
  • I helped record audio in college & recorded dialogue also at home too. We recorded together in the college and I recorded some voiceover work. I also recorded some other voiceover work at home with my microphone. I also done out the audio dialogue script.
  • I done the paper work for the Exhibition Plan and gathered the money together.
  • I set up a Trello account. This helped also with creating objectives and timekeeping.
  • I done the research for the education parts of the game. Our game is education for young kids so I had to do some research and put together the information in the game and make it as easy as possible for them to understand.
  • I set up a Gmail account to help register with websites and if people wanted to contact us, they could through the email.
  • I will also be contacting the press next week to help get some publicity and get people to view our work.

Great things….

….must come to an end. Today, we just had our last meeting with our supervisor Ken. We showed him a lot of work that we had done which included animations, working game etc. We still have to complete our final level in our game and have more work to do. He is happy with our work so far by the sounds of things. Friday will be our final blog post as it is being marked that day.

Another Group Update!

Barry here again! We had another group meeting today with Ken. We came up with the decision to do a Press Release to some of the local newspapers. This is will help get local parents, teacher and students of all ages hopefully down to our exhibition on the 5th -7th of June. Our deadline is approaching upon us (May 24th). That is also the last date for our final blog post. If you have been reading our blog (hopefully), we personally would like to thank you for reading it. A lot has changed from September 2012, up to now, May 2013. We’ve had a long road to go and we have nearly reached the end of the road. Please come check out our exhibition on either one of the 3 days, we MAY have some FREE and YUMMY goodies for you on the day…just maybe!

Viral Video Role

Hey everyone!

Recently, we had to create a viral video for one of our college modules as part of our assessments. We had to promote Creative Media in some way. I was part of the Creative Team and I was there at meetings where things was decided, my ideas were listened to and we all chipped in somewhere and everybody was listened to thankfully. We all got a fair chance to share ‘something’ that we wanted to say. On the day of the shoot, I helped out with the Choreography also which was pretty cool. I think for this video, I hope I helped out as much as I could both before the shoot and on the day of the shoot. I am happy with the result of the finished product. If I had to change anything, I would have taken the clip of my friend holding two cigarettes in his mouth as it does not promote CM. But overall, I am really happy with it. Please keep sharing it and spread it around Facebook, Twitter, Word-Of-Mouth, etc! Thanks! 😀

Group Project Update! :)

I am creating a website in Adobe Muse for the group. It is nearly complete. We decided that we want to make the website friendly for users of all ages and easy to navigate around. We have a big presentation coming up tomorrow and we are showing off our work thus far to our lecturers. 3 out of the 4 levels are complete. I am also including a game demo on the website for users to get the feels of what the game should play like. I have also contacted my old Primary School about doing some user testing in the school. Still waiting on word back from the principal there!

Here is a wee sneak peak of the website too! 🙂