My Career and Future

What career are you thinking of?

When people ask me about my career, a lot of things come to mind. First, I absolutely love performing. My life would be very different if I didn’t perform on stage or play music with a band.


When I was in secondary, I had also looked at doing Performing Arts. I can remember emailing one of the lecturers and asking them about the course and I was told I had to audition when I was applying for it and the audition would be that you would read a piece from a selection of four pieces. They had four pieces for boys, and four pieces for girls. I was thinking about doing the piece from Othello which we had, at the time, studied for the Leaving Cert so I was happy that came up. The rest, I did not know what they were. I decided not to do the Performing Arts course because there was a lot of theory which I would see no benefit from. I didn’t really want to learn all about Shakespeare theory and that. I told the lecturer that I perform outside of college and he said that I’m probably better off doing that and best of luck with it.


Second, I could have a career in the Multimedia world as you can see I am writing a blog for one of the subjects in the course. I love graphic design, audio and video editing. In my blog post, I told the world that it is thanks to my aunty that I am in the Multimedia world. I don’t know what else I would have done.


What are your strong points?

In my opinion, my strong points would be performing and working with audio and video. I really enjoy them. I think if you really enjoy something and you’re good at it, keep doing it. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.


Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

If I have to be honest, I would choose performing over the multimedia world any day. I really would love to end up in the West End in London performing and would really love to play Javert in my favourite musical of all time, Les Misérables. It has the most amazing music ever. I’m 99% sure that I won’t end up there but I will work hard and if the chance comes to me, I will take it. I would like to work for TV and movies doing editing. Think it would be really cool to do.


How will you get there year by year?

I plan to get there by just working hard and to keep at it all the time and just wait for what the future has in store for me!


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