Preparing For Our Presentation

We have a presentation coming up and we have to get ready for it.

Here is a guideline of what we decide on doing:

– as project manager to create it.
– Gantt charts for timelines
– 20 minutes presentation, 15 questions and answers
– Research and exactly target audience
– Mood board of inspiration idea (included narrative,design,audio_vision,font)
– A sentence in the “first minute” which included: element, challenger, content,target audience
– Show how the idea is different
– Roles
– How we communicate:blog,facebook,meeting?(end of presentation)
– Use flash or something multimedia to present(not power point)

1-intro name
2-a sentence
3-why create this idea
4-group roles
5-vision:narrative, design(logo,colours,fonts,character looks) audio,interactions
6-Timeline,deadline, testing,survey: exp: kids? depending of our target audience
8-inspiration when it is appropriate
9-show some sketches,colour skims, audio tips, other implements


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