Nintendo Blog

I really like this blog. I think it’s simple and informative. I like the way it is broken up into paragraphs and not into one huge paragraph which would make it very hard to read I personally think.

The Colours used in the blog are really nice. They use a plain white background, black and light blue font. The colours stand out well. It also has pictures in between paragraphs to make stand out instead of just having just text which I think would be pretty boring.

They also layout there paragraphs into numbers as well, depending on what information they supply to you. An example would be tips for a computer game maybe. They would list them, one, two, three, etc. They might also throw a video in between the paragraphs which I think is pretty cool and very effective too.

The writing style of the blog is very easy to use. Like I said earlier, it’s simple and informative. They would give you tips on games perhaps. A guide on where to go on certain levels, and perhaps some cheat codes.

Another cool feature as well with the blog is that, I like the way they add share buttons so that you can share the blog with people on Facebook, Twitter etc. You can, if you have a registered account, add comments below the blog and tell them what you think.

What I do not like about the blog is that the advertisements might take you away from the blog at first sight, which is a bad thing for the user. They do not need distractions. There is a lot of advertising going on all around the blog. I really like the blog overall and recommend it everyone who enjoys gaming!


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