My Creative Media Hero

FM104 DJ Eamon Duffy

I decided to take a very personal approach to this essay and to ask non other, than my uncle, voiceover and DJ, Eamon Duffy.

What inspires him is how when he finds his niche, he gets more of the pie by carving out even more to do for himself, multi tasking, diversifying. Media is a lot like rock climbing, it’s all about footholds, locking things in tightly, having back up plans but mostly it’s about having the courage to take the first step……..that something that inspires him every day. That said, he says it’s a great place to work, especially for his own personal experience. Today, he works mostly from his home. He has no boss hovering over himself and has very few deadlines. His work is mostly web based, which is a big benefit in that when he goes on holidays, a laptop and a few bits of hardware go with him, and in the evenings before he goes out, he can catch up on voice work and be paid while sunning himself. He knows that he has one of the easiest jobs on the planet and he is thankful for that every day, but there’s always that “If only I had a real job” moment he says that creeps up on him when things are going swimmingly!

He has interviewed many people from various walks of life. Pop stars, actors and general Joe & Mary off the street and they all have one thing in common, if you cannot ask the questions properly and to the point, they cannot deliver the goods you need, so preparation is key. If you interview someone, whether it’s a famous person or not, you should always do your homework. Very quickly it’ll become apparent that you’ve no idea what you’re on about and it’s you that’ll look stupid, they will shine through and the interview will either be re-cut, dumped or have a voice over added and that’s never good.

His favourite quote is simply “Failure to prepare……prepare to fail”. What inspires me about him is that he loves what he does and I have a big interest in the media world and I would love to maybe present a radio show or a television show. He told he got into radio by accident. He was working in a club and a guy that was opening up a station told him he had great timing and sounded clear on a microphone and offered him a job there and then. That was in 1984, he’s been a working DJ ever since. From radio and clubs, he progressed into RTE as a TV presenter again by chance. He actually told a director that the presenter was terrible, he said “Think you can do better” and he did, a week later he was presenting Irelands motoring show. He did that for four years along with some other stuff but he found that he really liked Voice Over work. So the medium of media can take you in so many different directions. He says it’s a blast, but not always easy. Like everything else, work hard, find your particular path but try to enjoy the ride along the way!


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