Descriptive Scene

This I swear by the Stars!

From the Darkness, to the Light

The stage was pitching black, apart from the staring spotlight which god had sent down upon me. I could not see anything either side of me. My vision’s foreground and background was black, I couldn’t see my trench. I watched a mass of people in front of me as they stared towards my direction. I stood there in character and showed real passion for this famous personality. I prayed to God to aid his pursuit, and swear to the stars that I will never relent.

I could hear the sound of footsteps walking on to the stage, along with an army of applause in one ear and a thumping heartbeat in the other ear. I heard the music, the pianist started singing. I could hear my own voice, along with the voice singing in my head to help me. This voice surrounded the whole area of the theatre.

I stood in the spot light, on the hard surfaced stage, with an angry emotion, with a sentiment of hatred through my blood, while holding the baton with a tight clench. As I stood there, I expressed my emotions through song. The touches of leather on the palm of my hands were starting to sweat from the inside. I felt a few nerves when I walked out into the light. The feeling went away not too long after. I didn’t feel a light weight. I didn’t feel a heavy weight either with the long, black trench coat which I was wearing. My toes did not into a feel less situation. My body did not go into a mode of pins and needles. I took my hat off, and I could feel my hair when I looked up into the stars.

I could smell the stage as I walked on; the left over scent from the smoke machine before I went on to perform. It’s not something you would smell every day. I did not smell sweat running from my head or from my armpits. When I raised my baton at the end of the song, I could then smell the fresh wood which was recently carved into shape for me, and the fresh paint which I had painted recently. I could still smell the scent of makeup and sweat side stage, and even the smell of hair been sprayed and getting this whiff of it while I was waiting for my solo side stage.

I couldn’t taste much Sylvia in my mouth due to being a bit nervous at first. After I started off, walking out, my mouth was a bit dry. I had dampness in my mouth and after I sang a few notes, the dampness was back to normal. Thankfully I didn’t taste they experience of sweat coming from my hair and forehead because I had my hat on. I could definitely taste the air in my mouth for when I was breathing and I was breathing in the oxygen in the air, and breathing out the carbon dioxide which I have to control for when singing depending on how long the note is, it could be a long note or a short note. When I looked up into the bright light, I could taste the ‘Stars’.


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